Kwesi Arthur’s Dad Warns Him Against Tattoos And Piercings


Kwesi Arthur’s dad, Mr. Samuel Danso Arthur, has asked that he puts away any thoughts of getting piercings or tattoos.

The father of one of the most influential young acts in Ghana and Africa mentioned in a phone-in conversation on Hitz FM that he wants his son to leave an unblemished legacy.

The well-spoken man who owns a cabby expressed how people would hop into his taxi and speak about his son without knowing he is the father.

Mr. Arthur reckoned that Kwesi has a huge following among the youth and he wanted the rapper to remain a symbol of simplicity.

He spoke about Kwesi’s overgrown hair and how he wants him to keep it tidy and to live a life contrary to the clichéd notoriety and misbehaviour associated with artistes.

”I want Kwesi to be one of the finest artists in the world. I know Kwesi’s fans love him, but I love him more than they do. I want him to remain a symbol of simplicity”, he said.

Responding to Kwesi Arthur going topless especially during performances, Mr. Arthur said that both himself and the mother wish he would wear a shirt always.


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