Kiss Daniel & Label In War Over Financial Management


Woju crooner, Kiss Daniel and his record label, G Worldwide are currently in silent war over financial management which has left Kiss Daniel broke.

Insiders of the record label alleged that despite all shows and events Kiss Daniel has been performing, not leaving financial engagements aside, his record label has been keeping all the proceeds since he came to limelight with his hit single, Woju.

While the label owned by Emperor Geezy claimed they are still recuperating their investments on the young star, Kiss Daniel is currently not happy with the situation of things and he’s lamenting that they have swallowed enough. Sources also revealed that Kiss’ friends and colleagues do regularly sort his financial needs.

In order to put the situation under control and forestall further damage, concerned friends of the label’s boss who are more experienced entertainment business personalities have been speaking with him on the best ways to manage the situation before it degenerates. This is also an issue they are guarding jealously as they don’t want it to be leaked to the public.


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