Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Is Making Her Fat

Kim Kardashian posted hot bikini photos on her blog and explained that she’s gained 15 lbs and after a few months of working out and eating right, she lost 10 of those lbs.
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Kim always looks freakin’ amazing, no matter how much you hate on her. When it comes to Kim K, it’s hard not to hate. I mean, she’s got the free time to stroll the beaches if Miami and boast that she’s slimmed down, but has kept all the right curves.
However, it’s those very curves that she blames on her boo thang, Kanye West. Check out what Kim had to say about the pounds she packed on:

“I think a lot of women will agree that when you are happy in a relationship your weight can fluctuate a little. I’ve been traveling and enjoying incredible foods in different countries, but I felt it was time to get back to the grind. I’m comfortable in my curves, but working out is a part of my daily routine and it always will be.”

I think it’s so interesting when women want to blame their weight gain on their significant other. Kim isn’t saying that Kanye is responsible, but she is saying that she is happy in her relationship with him and because of that, it’s easy to indulge. I wonder if her health binge will help Kanye get a six-pack? It’s all part of Kanye’s Workout Plan, I’m sure!

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