Kcee – ” I’m very stylish..I have over 30 expensive studs “


How many Jesus piece chains do you have?

I have just one and it is very precious to me. I got it in Spain when I went there to shoot the video for my new song, Okoso. I can trade it for money anytime. It is like saving my money. I got it but it was quite expensive. I will not say the price so that I won’t be attacked. I have been robbed several times. I’ll not want to expose myself any more.

What is that fashion item you cannot leave home without?

I can’t leave home without my earring (studs) for both ears. I don’t know why, but that is something I cannot leave home without. I don’t joke with it. I wouldn’t want to mention how much it costs. I don’t like mentioning figures but they are pretty expensive. Why I love them so much I don’t know. Even if you come to my house in the morning, I would put my studs on first before I come downstairs to see you. I have over thirty of them.

 What influences your style?

The truth is, I am a very stylish person and I have always had it in my blood. It is something I love. It reflects in my life, video, apartment and even my car. Everything about me is fashion, so anytime I do anything, I don’t get prepared; I do it because it is a part of me.

 What is the craziest thing a lady has done to you?

A few days back in Abuja, I saw a girl and she opened her hand, I saw my name tattooed on it. I don’t know her, I saw her during a show some days back. She was like this is KCee. She said that she did it and had been looking for a way to show it to me. I was surprised. I went mad, I was excited, I felt loved. I took pictures with her. Outside the country, I have been taken care of by female fans. Some of them are surprised it is me. They tell me they have a car, home, they want to take care of me. It feels good when people show you love because of what you do.

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