Juliet Ibrahim In Trouble Over Ebola Virus Campaign

Few days ago,Ghanaian Actress, , took to her social media page to educate fans on the , urging them to prayer as the virus has been confirmed to have spread to Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. 

Her fans that saw her message went furious as they blasted her, saying Ebola is not in Nigeria as the message she passed read. 
A fan went ahead to insult her “Juliet you are very stupid, its already in Ghana after all your dirty country is close to Liberia and the rest. Nasty bitch”

Others told her she passed wrong information, saying she should get her facts right that she was mocking Nigeria and she should mind what she says. 

Few supported her course, saying she did nothing wrong than asked them to pray. Meanwhile it was reported that Ghana banned flights from neighboring countries, Nigeria inclusive. 

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