Jonathan stole our money and failed Nigeria – Basket Mouth


Nigerian popular Comedian, Basket Mouth has not quit on condemning the former President, Goodluck Jonathan and his administration over a failed tenure.

It may be recalled that just last week, the Nigerian stand-up comedian took to his twitter handle to chide the former ruling party for its frequent media attacks on the ruling President, saying it was wrong to suddenly wake up in criticism after being in power for 16 years of no performance.

This time around, he has conveyed his thoughts about the high level of corruption in the last administration.
During his show, Basket Mouth (BM) Uncensored in Houston, Texas, the artist accused former president and his administration for allegedly looting public treasury.

He said: “The funny thing is Buhari is now in power and everyone is hating on the guy under two months.”

“My last comment on this made news headlines but I don’t care. I am usually not into politics but when I see some ugly degree of bullshits, I say it. Goodluck was there for six years and all he did was steal our money.” Yeah I will say it,” Basket Mouth added.

“I was reading the news in an Asian country, I can’t remember right now; I don’t have my facts, but they are the ones hosting the Olympics. The stadium is costing them one billion dollars and they are all freaking out. Then I was amazed and shivered.”
“One billion dollars? I kept staring at them. Just one billion dollars in Asia, they are fidgeting; when only one woman stole 20 billion dollars in my country? Which means she can actually build twenty stadiums.”

“People around were just moping in silence,” he further noted.
“I pray they…, he paused, as though changing his line of thoughts, he continued: “you can’t come and rob my people just like that. It is heartbreaking and unheard of. My country Nigeria is rich but see where we are…”

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