JJC Skillz Cheated On Funke And Packed Thousands of Dollars In Their Joint Account – Popular Influencer Claims


JJC Skillz Cheated On Funke And Packed Thousands of Dollars In Their Joint Account – Popular Influencer Claims

A popular Facebook influencer, Ijeoma Chinonyerem has claimed that Funke Akindele’s estranged husband, JJC Skillz misappropriated funds in their joint account.

Chinonyerem said the producer packed ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the account’ he shared with the actress.

She made the claim on her social media page.

This is as JJC Skillz had revealed that his marriage crashed due to irreconcilable differences.

Read Chinonyerem’s post below:

You know wetin dey sweet me for this Funke/JJC wahala?
She threw him out of her house.
Na JJC come social media dey explain give us. Talmbout “I moved out at her insistence”. Ogbeni drop the big grammar ojare.
She threw you out.
She bundled you back to your father’s house.
She sent you packing.
Normally na the wife wey dem troway dey cry out for social media. But in this case, Funke balance like oga. JJC come social media dey explain dey cry. Even memorised the last day they sat down together. “It was a cold night at the last amvca when I last sat down with her while my heart bled and roborobo skeske.”
I read about JJC cheating on Funke and misappropriating funds in their joint account few months back. It wasn’t enough to just cheat. You go pack hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the account. She woke up to find out that Mr Funke don siphon money from their account. An account wey only her dey pay in. Like Mr Korra, like Mr Funke.
Their neighbours in Amen Estate said they overheard her shouting about her money. That was how the news made it to Mr Nnaji’s innanet.
You get liver pack hundreds of millions of naira comot from una joint business account on top your cheating come dey report give us say she has refused to sit down and discuss. What is there to discuss? What do you want us to do to?
See as e run come to social media to report. Report card.
Ogbeni common pack your bag and go. Don’t forget your titkok ring light and that your Falz eyeglass.
Men, let this serve as a lesson to you. Put your legs together and don’t desecrate your marital bed. Stop stealing from your wife.
Behave yourself so you won’t wake up one day in the streets where they will be pricing you 10 10 kobo. If you do anyhow, you will be bundled like firewood back to your mother’s house.
Don’t let Shola and Allah Kaduna deceive you o.
Here’s to you Funke🥂🥂
Na woman you be!


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