Jay Z and Nas Put End To Rivalry In An Emotional Way



Rap fans will find this an interesting news, as long term rap rivals finally settled their long term differences in a way that drew emotions.

At the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday April 12 hip hop king, Jay Z gave Nas and fans their biggest surprise by jumping on stage during the “Hate Me Now” rapper’s performance to drop a verse and send out bind blowing shout outs.

Nas was celebrating his debut classic album,Illmatic 20 anniversary when Jay got on stage to rap a verse from “Dead Presidents II,” a song that samples Nas’ “The World Is Yours.” From there, Jay then transitioned into “Where I’m From,” a cut plucked from his In My Lifetime, Vol 1. album, before paying homage toNas and making his exit from the festival.

But before he took off, he told Nas and the crowd this: “Peace to the god Nas! I had to come all the way out here to celebrate 20 years of Illmatic. What an amazing accomplishment!”

Jay wasn’t the only guest of the evening. Nas also brought out Puffy for a high-octane performance of the f-ck you anthem, “Hate Me Now.” Following the performance, Puff Daddy told Nas: “You gotta understand, if it wasn’t for you…Hip-Hop wouldn’t had arrived to this place right here. It’s your 20th anniversary! God sent you to us! You’re a lyrical genius and musician. An artist in its rarest form. And we celebrate you!”


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