Is Diving Part and Parcel of Football ?


With Manchester United’s Ashley Young recently coming under fire over his flamboyant diving techniques, should we just accept that diving is part and parcel of this great sport?

Whilst there has always been controversy surrounding the beautiful game (Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ must be one of the most infuriating moment in football) we are in two minds about accepting the diving pandemic that has taken over the soccer leagues in countries all over the world. 

It’s no secret that
Manchester United are in turmoil. With the most recent shocking report of one fan from Kenya committing suicide after a string of poor results, Christmas is always the make or break time in the English Premier League. Man U currently sit mid-table, a place they are unfamiliar with, and whilst the rest of us who don’t support such a high profile club can cope with the often yo-yo lifestyle of supporting less consistent teams, this chillier climate of mid-table mediocrity is something the fans simply aren’t used to.  

And it seems Ashley Young’s diving isn’t helping either with reports that stern words from Sir Alex and David Moyes aren’t deterring the young England midfielder as he claims it is, in fact, the referees that should stop dishing out the free-kicks and penalties in the first place.

Whilst there is truth in this (players may not dive and cheat so much if they know there’s a small chance of getting a positive outcome), we can’t help but think the problem lies with the players themselves, as well as the managers that enforce these bad habits…

Avid supporter Tunde Folawiyo talks Man United, their recent form and Ashley Young’s acrobatics in the field:

“Young’s ability to block out the negative criticism from the media and his peers is remarkable to say the least! Whilst many players would deny, or try to improve their ways, Young continues to create controversy from the events against Crystal Palace to the penalty given against
Real Sociedad. However, Manchester United’s recent form suggests that there isn’t much to be gained from such behaviour…”

There is no doubt that soccer is ‘the beautiful game’. A fantastic sport that brings all walks of life together, but in terms of the rules, we can definitely look in the direction of rugby, golf and every other sport we may choose to watch. 

Most have the up-most respect for the rules, and those referees that control them. By placing blame at those attempting to impose these necessary guidelines that make for an all-round better experience for supporters, players and those behind the scenes, is not the way to go. And it certainly doesn’t always help you get those important results either.

All eyes will be turning towards Brazil the coming summer; will referees succumb or stand tall against diving when the world is watching…


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