‘I Introduced Oritsefemi To His Wife’ – Former Manager, Danku


Danku, a former manager of singer, Oritsefemi has laid claims that he was the channel through which the Musical Taliban met his wife, Nabila Fash.

However, Danku wasn’t present at the flamboyant wedding of the couple and here is what he had to say about his absence:

“I was invited for the wedding but I was quite busy and I had to attend some business meetings. I wish him well, and I pray that God would bless their marriage.

I don’t think there is any big deal about me not attending the wedding.

If there was any issue between us, I would let you know. We are on good terms. I don’t regret anything I did for Oritsefemi in the past. I met him when he was nothing and I was able to build him up; I thank God for that privilege. The good thing is that we are both doing well in our careers now,”

On if he gave the new couple a gift

“We have a way of giving ourselves gifts but for now, there is nothing special.”

On the role he played in Oritsefemi’s love affair

“I was the one who introduced Oritsefemi to his wife, Funke, also known as Nabila Fash. I recall that I met her at GoTV’s anniversary celebration.

Artiste managers had been invited for a get-together before the grand finale of the anniversary. When I got to the event, we spoke at length.

I liked her friendly attitude and the way she attended to people so I told her I wanted her to meet my artiste, Oritsefemi.

Meanwhile, Oritsefemi wasn’t in the country at that time, and I told him that there was a lady I wanted him to meet. I told him that I wanted her to be a friend of the house, and that she would be good for him in particular. Eventually, I made proper introductions between the both of them at the backstage of an event in Abuja.

I made sure that the relationship started on a good note and I backed off.”


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