International Fashion Model ‘Hadiatou Bah’ Covers Zen Magazine January 2014 Issue



Editor’s Note: Talk less, act more: that’s the message we are preaching this 2014. I truly apologize for our covers always coming out a few days late but the demand for what we are offering exploded last year and we are doing all we can to meet up to our schedules and, we want to give our best to ensure all features are done properly. On January’s cover is a talented and beautiful fashion model who understands the meaning of working hard to achieve success. Born in Brooklyn, New York, to African parents, Hadiatou Bah is a 22 year old fashion model determined to create a name for herself in the modelling industry. Standing at 6ft tall and now living in Atlanta, Hadiatou lets us into her world this month to talk about her beauty regime, how being a model has no harm on her religion “Islam” and, talks about her plans to return to New York.

As you know, Zen Magazine Africa is not just Africa’s most-vibrant online magazine, it’s the only monthly African-based online magazine to create some of the most amazing fashion editorials on the continent through all the support and contributions through ideas, images and articles we receive all over the world. This month is going to be a big fashion month for us because we will feature some of the best BAGS AND ACCESSORIES from INZURIand AFRICAN LACE; 2 brands I can’t wait to tell you about. We also didn’t feature our 20 Best Quotes from 20 of Africa’s coolest designers last month so we will make sure we get everything up this month.

We interviewed 3 different awesome young professionals this month. Ghanaian music producers J-TOWN and SELASI talk to Zen about music and what we can expect from both of them this 2014 while SHEILAH GASHUMBA from Uganda talks to us about being a TV presenter and the excitement she gets every time she models. Hadiatou’s not the only star gracing our pages this month: Nigerian musician LYNXXand South African top model CANDICE SWANEPOEL are our 2 celebrity style crushes for this month. African models Divine and Roselyne Muringo talk eating healthy and African fashion. And lastly, we have 2 awesome travel reviews exploring the hidden gems of The Ritz-Carlton in Egypt and the fabulous architectural brilliance of the Fairmont The Norfolk in Kenya. It’s another super month filled with amazing stories and we are so happy to share it with you all. Special thanks to Kareem Quow, the photographer who planned the cover shoot. This is the 2nd time we are working with him on a cover and he is a truly awesome professional. My final words would be whatever it is you are doing presently, if you give it all your heart, time and are willing to develop your skill, you will succeed. Determine what the world needs from you, define your mission and purpose, and don’t give up even when times are hard. Success doesn’t happen by accident. I love all you guys. Be inspired this 2014!

Please get back to us by commenting freely on our link below. Tell us what you think of Hadiatou’s cover and which stories you are itching to read this month.

Photography: Kareem Quow
Make Up: Patrice Story
Hair: Brandy Andrews
Wardrobe Stylist: Taijuan Wilcox
Tribal Cat suit by “Fashenelle”
Earrings: Cosign ATL boutique


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