Why I’m doing Ibonge Reloaded video – Skutch


Singer, Ugwa Uchechukwu Francis aka Skutch has revealed that his decision to shoot a new video for his hit single Ibonge is not an act of extravagance but something he needs to do to move his musical career forward.
Skutch who recently got into the management of Project P, who is also the manager of JayBoy and others, said the video was banned because it has contents that will not be shown on the TV.
“I know that I’m supposed to be talking about the video of my single ‘oga’ with the Limpopo master, Kcee and people will be wondering why such a nice video was never aired anywhere, it is because it was banned.
It was said to have contents that will be classified as nudity and so will never be aired under recent regulations on music videos in Nigeria”
He also revealed that he wished there was something he could do to get the video on air having released it online since February.
“We tried everything, but some laws were not just made because of anyone so we have to redo the video and this time we’re calling it Ibonge Reloaded.
Right now the new video has been shot and we avoided anything that will attract another ban while still keeping everything real with good concepts and creativity” He added.
The video is expected to be released online before July runs out while the airplay will commence immediately.


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