I’ll step into Ras Kimono’s shoes – Daughter, Oge


“There was this particular day I punished my little sister. She later slept off and my dad went to my room to look for me only to find the little girl sleeping, so he came downstairs to meet Righteousman, his wife and myself and chided me for punishing the little girl. And guess what, he said ‘waka your mama’. I was so angry and wanted to get back at him so bad, so I said ‘waka to myself my papa’. It was so hilarious. We all busted out laughing. Indeed, that was a hilarious moment I will never forget.”


Kimono has in no small measure contributed to the growth and sustenance of reggae music in Nigeria. He even had his own genre of reggae music, which he christened ‘rub-a-dub’. Is Oge ready to step into her dad’s shoes? Does she have what it takes to do so?

Her response: “One thing I have to set straight is this, there can only be one Ras Kimono! Good enough, he saw me pushing a career in reggae music, so as for the continuity of his musical legacy, it continues to live as long as I live, so help me Jah! Senator Florence Ita Giwa said it all when she said ‘Kimono has a successor’.”

Talking about the advice her father gave her, Oge disclosed: “The greatest advice my father gave me was to be original and consistent in whatever I do. And above all, I must be humble in whatever I do.”

Current project

On the project she’s working on currently, the reggae singer stated that she actually wanted to surprise her dad with her debut album this year if not for the death that took him away. “I was working on my debut album to surprise my dad this year, but oh boy, he surprised me instead. Anyway, that plan is still on, as I am set to drop a single entitled, Good Ole Days, off the album before the year runs out. So, look out for it,” she boasted.


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