Icon Weekly Magazine Officially Retracts False 2Face Idibia Adultery Story



Icon Weekly Magazines publishes retraction of false 2Face Idibia adultery mess story. Was he referring to them in his  #APROKO song?

Icon Weekly Magazine has officially published a retraction to the 2Face Adultery Mess story. See Here. The magazine published a false story about the mega star implicating him in an adultery mess. 2Face Idibia’s celebrated career has been fraught with various forms of controversy and false accusations, leading many in some quarters to imply that his song #APROKO was directed at  some of these baseless stories and Icon Weekly Magazine in particular.

Was 2Face “subbing” Icon Weekly? On who’s head is 2Face Idibia ‘hashtagging’ Aproko (#Aproko) on?

There is only one way to find out.  Stream and Buy #Aproko off “The Ascension” album for just 30 Naira (N30) and buy the entire album for 125 Naira (N125) on Spinlet here: http://bit.ly/Wye86F


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