Ice Prince And Yvonne Nwosu Spend Christmas Together In Ghana

After Rythm Unplugged on the December 23, Ice Prince said he was leaving for Ghana, what he never told us what that Yvonne Nwosu was also going to be there.
There have been rumours for a while now that the fashion designer and the rapper are a couple, rumours Yvonne’s people had always been quick to dispel.
Yvonne and Ice Prince are currently in Accra, Ghana together. Yvonne posted a photo on Instagram yesterday with a Merry Christmas wish from her and Ice Prince.

Yvonne Nwosu and Ice Prince
Yvonne Nwosu and Ice Prince

“It doesn’t mean they are dating *yimu* but it means now that my eyes are watching them. :-),” Linda Ikeji posted on her blog.
Not a bad couple they’ll make though. What do you think?

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