I Was A Good Smoker and Wore Fake Eyelashes-Clarion Chwukura

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Nollywood actress, Clarion Chukwura says she will never take plastic surgery as an option. It is a trend that many celebrities who feel they are aging and still want to look a certain way, take plastic surgery as an option just to keep on looking trendy.

To actress, Clarion it is not an option, stating that she loves her face the way it is. She said at a time she wore fake eyelashes and she hated it, she didn’t feel comfortable in it, because, it is very unnatural and uncomfortable.

In her words “I know what my mother looked like at 60, so I know exactly what I am going to look like at 60 and I can certainly live with that. But seriously, Caucasian women might need plastic surgery because their skin tends to sag prematurely but I think that African women, black women don’t really have that problem. Even with all the beauty products and cosmetics in the market, I think black women genetically have really good skin” she said

She also confessed that she used to be a good smoker when she was younger, but gradually she stopped. 

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