I Make Love Four Times In A Week…Bimbo Thomas

Bimbo Thomas

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas, has set the heart of some couple pondering as she advised couples on how frequent they should be making love to each other.

The actress stated that as often as possible, love making was important because some women are slow in getting into the mood.

She stressed that once the couples are not far away from each other the need for it was necessary.

When asked by Vanguard newspaper on how often should have s3x in their relationship, the actress replied, “As often as possible. Maybe four times in a week. If time permits and we’re not far apart.”

Recalling her introduction to love life, the actress disclosed that she has always gotten lots of guys crushing on her but never dated them as she only got her first kiss while in secondary school during her final exams.

“I’ve always had guys crushing on me, but I never dated any of them. However I had my first kiss in secondary school few weeks to my final exams. As for my first relationship, it was with a guy called Kumi and we had been friends for a long time before that,” she said.

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