‘I Don’t Do ‘Blood Money’ – Kanayo O Kanayo Cries Out

Nollywood actor cum lawyer, Kanayo O Kanayo has lamented about the way he has been tagged as a ritualist for a long time as his real-life character.

According to Kanayo, people have misunderstood him with the roles he played in Nollywood where he usually portrayed the role of a juju man who makes blood sacrifices.

He was engaged in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, where he lamented about the way people perceive him to be in real life as a juju man.

He said: “It is most unfortunate that even when one plays certain roles, some youths cannot distinguish between one and the character. Just because one acted as a criminal on TV, some persons see the actor as a criminal. Meanwhile, an actor has to be flexible. Acting as a ‘ritualist’ does not mean one is a ritualist in real life. Anyway, I see those who think that way as uneducated, uninformed and having complex problems. We need to redefine the word, ‘youth’, in Nigeria. Being a youth does not mean one has to be irresponsible.”

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