I Am On Trial Because I Am The Senate President Against The Wishes Of Some Powerful Interests – Saraki

Bukola Saraki has reiterated his resolve to submit himself to before the Code of Conduct Tribunal () but he said some people are behind his ordeal.



“I know many Nigerians have watched my at the with interest. Let me reiterate: I shall submit myself to the judicial process,” he wrote on Twitter.
“However, I have no iota of doubt that I am on because I am the against the wishes of some powerful interests.
“Thankfully, the laws of Nigeria do not give any consideration to any forces outside the Senate in the election of the .
“This is why we must all continue to commend for refusing to interfere in the election of the National Assembly.
has proven by his actions that he is indeed and truly a born-again Democrat.
“I ask all of you to stand with me to defend the Senate and preserve its sanctity. Together, we can move Nigeria forward,” Saraki tweeted.

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