How to Make Money from Watching Big Brother Naija Every Day

Big Brother Naija BBNaija Season 4 2019

Big Brother Naija BBNaija Season 4 2019

Please know there must be some good in watching as much TV as you can. The TV is full of gems. Case in point – Big Brother Naija. In fact, by watching Big Brother Naija every day, you can make money.

Here are five simple ways to make money from staying glued to Big Brother Naija.

Recap Channel

You must have seen the hashtags! Everybody is interested in Big Brother Naija. That’s why it’s always trending on social media—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you can spin a spellbinding yarn, especially for those whose jobs disallow them from catching the hottest moments of the show, there’s a chance for you to be their eyes. Go and micro-blog on social media, amass followers and monetize those numbers. Even celebrities are trying to do that these days. Have you heard of a guy called Don Jazzy? Plus, you know there’ll be another season of Big Brother Naija, right? There are so many legs to this idea I cannot even begin to list. Seriously, you should start now.

Are you the betting type?

There are ways to make money from your deep knowledge of the Big Brother Naija housemates as well as their shenanigans. I hear one of the show’s sponsors (Bet9ja) has merch giveaways and prize money up to N2m. Somebody has to win those.

Professor of Big Brother

Why did Efe win Big Brother Naija See Gobbe edition? Why didn’t Bisola win? Is there a strategy for staying in the house? Those are great questions whose answers are clear to the most ardent fans of the programme. But do you know the biggest and hardest of all the riddles about BBNaija? It’s how to get in. This year, they say the housemates either have recognisable names or respectable social media following. That’s something. If you can teach people how to qualify for BBNaija, that’s a sure way to secure the bag, my friend. Trust me.

A manager of Talent

There’s a ton of ex-BBN housemates coming into the market and many of them will like to have a paying gig or two. Do you have ‘connects’ in Nollywood, music, advertising, fashion, media, etcetera? If you can package offers for your ‘connects’ and some of these talents, everybody wins. But you don’t have to wait till the show is over to put the deals together. As you watch every day, you should be able to tell who would be great for whatever you might have.


Fan meetups. Viewing parties. Housemate VIP nights. Bring like minds together, put on a show about the show, and set their hearts on fire. You get the idea.


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