Here Are Reasons Why Your Car Paint Fades


Many times we noticed that slowly the paint on our car begins to fade despite taking adequate measures in terms of cleaning, scrubbing and lots more. Most times we noticed that the black coat suddenly starts to peel at times we have to wax all over again to bring out some shininess. We need to understand that our car is a reflection of our outward appearance and in some cases, it’s not about how much efforts we put but its all about results.

Your car’s appearance matters, because it somehow reflects the owner’s personality just like how one’s home does the same. If you own a car, you may notice that your car starts to fade as the years go by. AutoReportNG got some few tips on how your car paintings are fading

4 Most Common Causes of Fading Car Paint

Have a look at what is harming your car’s exterior paint and what you can do to avoid continuity fading of the car’s color.


Areas like Lagos, Abuja and some major parts of Nigeria experience sunlight. Sunlight in Nigeria is rated as 12 hours, 17 minutes that is from 06:40am – 18:57pm.

Exposure to the elements and in particular the sun is a major contributor to the paint on your car fading in color. The car usually loses its shine if it’s left standing for quite some time in the sun. This is because of the reaction between the paint and the UV radiation from the sun. Living in sunny climates can wreak havoc on your car, causing oxidation and premature fading of its paint. When you think about it, it’s not much different than how too much sun exposure can and does harm our skin.

Going through the right car maintenance routine can keep your old car looking like it just rolled out of the dealership with all its shine and glory. But, how?

– Washing: Wash your car often to help keep its shine. Getting rid of dirt, mud and grime are the first step to take. When washing your car with special cleaning products, make sure you do so away from the sunlight. Acidic and basic compounds can etch into the paint causing bubbling, peeling, and cracking, so it goes without saying, your car needs to be regularly cleaned.

– Drying: Dry the car well after you’ve washed it instead of letting it air dry. When you dry it, you’re actually protecting your car’s paint from minerals left behind by water evaporation.

– Waxing: Waxing your car helps to prevent further fading of color. When you don’t wax your car, grime left on your car can damage the paint job. Waxing can also reduce the effects of the sun’s UV radiation. Depending on where you live and drive, it’s advisable to wax your car after every third or fourth wash.

You Use The Wrong Car Wash

All in the bid to save money, we use different types of a car wash, some go as far as using detergent such as Klin, Omo etc which are wrong and can damage the car coat. There are different types of car washes, but all of them use strong detergent to strip away dirt and grease. These detergents also strip away any protective wax and sealant on the car. Also, note that if the bristles on the brushes are harsh, it may not be too good on the car as well. Your best shot is to clean with a sponge or a foam.

You’re Scrubbing

Scrubbing your car to remove bugs or stuck on elements is not the best idea. The paint of your car has been just too delicate to withstand a scrub. You can purchase sprays or gloves like a mitt to gently remove bugs or other sticky substances on your car.

You Leave The Car Uncovered

With the type of sun we have in Nigeria, it will be unwise to leave your cars in the open, you can construct a car shade or better still get a car cover which costs beween 2000-4000 naira. If location is the catchphrase of real estate, then cover is the catchphrase of car paint. Parking in the shade helps, but that’s still not enough protection. Whenever logistically possible, cover your car. A breathable car cover, easy to put on and remove can be a cheap investment compared to the cost of repainting a vehicle.



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