“Great Nigerian Youth… How Far?” – Written by Charly Boy

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A couple of days ago, self acclaimed area fada of Abuja entertainment, Charly Boy wrote an open letter to the Pope commending him and also discussing gay issues.

This time, his letter is addressed to the youths of Nigeria.

Read it below:

One of the many things God blessed me with would be the ability to go to sleep at will even if my house is on fire. I consider that as a gift because this environment has murdered sleep for most Nigerians. How can we sleep when things are all falling apart around us? It saddens my heart to see the appalling state of our nation and the quick progressive decline in the quality of governance and the management of the polity.

Naija as it were has gone to the dogs and really, it’s only a matter of time before shit finally hits the fan. Because, we must hit rock-bottom before we can start to think of a Nigeria that is workable.
I have noticed lately that I am fast losing my gift, being able to fall asleep at will. It’s no longer happening for me like it use to. Thank God, I haven’t gotten to the point of popping different kinds of pills to be able to get some sleep. These days, I seem so consumed with the thoughts of how all of these injustices, poor leadership, the frustration, hopelessness, and despair amongst young Nigerians will all be resolved. How much longer can we all go on as if all is well.

The situations as appalling as they are reminds me of Asa’s song, “There is Fire on the Mountain, and no one seems to be on the Run” How much longer will it take our leaders to realise that they are sitting on a time Bomb. How much longer will it take the few good men and exceptional Nigerian youth to stop hiding under the bed, while the vile, the fraud, the gangsters, the 419ers, the thieves take over the polity?

Yesooooooo, we are all guilty, guilty of inaction, guilty of procrastination, guilty of being scared by our own shadow. Yet, we complain, talking bla bla bla all over the place and doing nothing. That is why the youth of this country are taken for granted. Look at how our once strong and vibrant youths have grown powerless, and have even become willing instrument and tools in the hands of vile and wicked politicians. Our young people have been so battered physically that they have lost the urgency to protest. How can they not know that the consequences of corruption, wasting of resources and stealing affect them, the youth more than anyone else? They have not realized yet that they are the ones who can’t go to school, and that most of their parents have been impoverished by this shit-system, and for the millions who graduate from the university, half baked; where are the jobs? Unreliable statistics say that about 28million young people are unemployed and about 5million join annually as the army of the unemployed youth grows, drugs, violence, despair and hopelessness have become a permanent fixtures in the lives of our dear youth. This is the Nigeria of today. A country so endowed, yet 60 percent of Nigerians are living below 1dollar/ 25cents a day. What a shame, what business has my country with poverty? How far, great Nigerian youths?

The old foxes, old fraudsters, many of those who had been in leadership position in the past, wrote this tragic script, they are still very much around, jostling for position and power.

Most annoying is when they pay lip services saying, “the future belongs to the youth”, which youth? The one they cloned, or the ones yet unborn. Because all these old foxes that should be put to pasture are still dragging it with the young people not ready to quit the stage, unless they die there.

They have become deaf, dumb and blind to the pains and sufferings of ordinary Nigerians. The criminal nature of most of our leaders is what has given impetus to criminal gangs, kidnappers, militants, terrorists, money doublers, gangsters who prey on innocent citizens as effectively as the yahoo yahoo leaders’ prey on Nigerians.

Nigeria has become their slot machine. This is how they have weakened our youth, because even the leaders so far, lack creativity. All they have produced for the past 38yrs is mediocrity. The youth cannot make good decisions and hence can’t make good leadership, double wahala. These are the kind of leaders our youth emulate, being schooled in the arts of making it by all means even if they have to sell their mothers.

Most of these yahoo leaders are getting rich at the expense of the masses and Naija youth. What can they produce, except buy houses, cars, posting their new acquired jet planes on Facebook and all over the social media, keeping billions in bank accounts, while the youths and the masses suffer and the environment remains in shambles? How far great Nigerian youth?

I can feel the growing resentment the masses have towards the leadership, it is ‘us’ against them. The youth may seem not ready for a revolution, but the one thing they have in common that cuts across ethnic and religious differences is a genuine yearning for Change through a revolution. A revolution that will see the end of this rampart injustices and authority stealing that has left us poor and hopeless.

They also want to see how the mighty and the once untouchables, those responsible for bringing Nigeria to its knees face the music if possible with their blood. The youth obviously don’t believe in Nigeria anymore, even the unbelievers know we can no longer carry on like this. People argue that the youth are not capable of retrieving their stolen future ever again. Just like we never believed that a Nigerian for whatever reason could strap himself with bombs and blow himself up.

When Boko Haram started, many including myself believed that all who were involved must have been fanatics from neighbouring countries. Loh and behold, they were many Nigerian youth involved. For them, it was better than dying like a chicken. What about the naija guy who failed to blow himself and the plane up, in far away America? The army of desperate youth is growing, not to talk of the kind of arms that have come into this country; God help us. For those who still think that the Nigerian youth are too disorganized and weak to confront these demons, I say, it’s possible. They have a common enemy, namely; hunger, poverty, hopelessness, frustration and a strong satanic hatred for our leaders and elites. You may be asking yourself who will lead this inevitable revolt. For many youth, the power is in their hands right now as you read this; the instrument of mobilization and you know what? It has started.

As humans, we communicate by expressing our feelings, our thoughts based on how we perceive certain situations. Most of the youth have become aware of the problem affecting them, most of them live on the social media highway to while away their time since millions of them are out of jobs or poses the faintest idea on what else to do. They are stranded, and most pitiful is that nobody cares.

This is where young people fellowship now to escape from the brutality of a harsh environment caused by those “bigger “than Nigeria.

Once people become aware of a common need or problem through interaction and discussion, it is easier for them to create a mobilizing strategy towards a common goal. From the bush, the house, in the car, or even from across the seas, the exceptional ones will control millions through the social highway networks. I can feel the rage, the anger and the strong satanic hatred for our kleptomaniac leaders. I pray for the seemly fragile, deflated Nigerian youth, the victims of bad and selfish leadership. Young Nigerians; no matter where they are from, all face the same sad and evil reality created and perfected by a common enemy.

We all know the problem of Nigeria; they say a country deserves the kind of leadership it gets, hmmmmm… Nigerian youth… how far?

Where are the exceptional youth who will remedy us from this hopeless situation? If it’s not road accidents because of bad roads, it is incessant strikes because government still has not lived up to its promise to inspire the teachers. However, their children are all abroad while ours study with candle light and kerosene lamps in a country capable of providing power for all.

Inflation is tearing families apart and causing parents to abandon their duties. Haba, the iniquities are just too much to recount, it’s not fair in the eyes of God. As these yahoo yahoo people continue to rob us of our lives and future, ironically they are facilitating this revolution.

When the chips are down, the youth will no longer think on religious lines or ethnic differences; they will be so filled with hatred, vengeance and anger.

They will vent this on all those who have brought them sorrow, tears and a bleak future. There will be a spark as young people pour out on the streets hunting for their enemies and serving them a dose of mob justice. The time and how, I know not.But yes, it is boiling over; the handwriting is not only on the walls but on the faces of the angry youths I see on a daily basis.

Nigerian youth… how far? na una hand Nigeria dey. Beat the drum for change and a better life. Let’s stop blaming our leaders and elders. If they have failed us, we can’t afford to fail ourselves. Let us use our strength to cut off corruption in this land. Make una no fall my hand…

Na Charlyboy D Areafada dey yarn.

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  1. Charly boy, we are hungey here, can’t afford to pay my fees again, am just 19 sufferung everyday, am a female. Please help me in the name of God. Please, help dry my tears, suffering is too much.

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