Gospel Music: Fr Fidelis – Odowore Ft. Ojos & Bobby C



Fr Fidelis is a Nigerian Catholic Priest and the founder of Areopagus Inclination . A spiritual, socio-musical platform for daring to be authentically Christian and still postmodern. A platform for Christian humanism. With passion for music (lyrics and sound) and an unusual vocal chord, Fr Fidelis, who is currently based in the US is also, a music composer, Saxophonist and a Guitarist.

The track “Odowore” “It is in Your Hand” is lyrically a prayer for the day and musically, a contemporary genre. It is a track that fits into Areopagus’ philosophy of a contemporary gospel. Music to Fr Fidelis should be a “predicate sonora” , a resounding sermon that should be contemporary and gospel.

DOWNLOAD: Fr Fidelis – Odowore Ft. Ojos & Bobby C


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