Who is a gospel artiste?


By Olufemi Ajasa

It is true that God calls, but nowadays it seems people are so busy with vain affairs that his glorious callings appears to them as ‘missed calls’ amidst the caucus of ‘The-called’ . So, how does one recognize a true gospel artiste?

gospel artiste

Popularly, the roles of gospel artistes in the society are to preach godliness; win souls and teach tenets of Christianity by living an exemplary life worthy of emulation by unbelievers but it is becoming very believable that striking a correlation between Christ’s vessels and their messages will only be desirable.

However, some Nigerian gospel artistes have been recently castigated by critics for different reasons, some include wearing of daring clothing, promotion of nudity, piercing of the ear, infusion of secular slangs in their lyrics, inability to stay in marriage, having children out of wedlock ,remixing of gospel songs to vulgar secular musics among others.

In as much as these allegations are disturbing the believability of the gospel contents among their fans some do disagree that for a person to be talented in singing soul lifting and miracle inviting songs does not mean that the person is insusceptible to make mistakes as humans .

In facts others have suggested that it is better one takes the pathway of the fashionable saying: “do what I say, don’t do what I do” implying that one can listen to a gospel artiste and not necessarily emulate their life style?

What is your own take, do you believe a gospel artiste must live it (God’s way) to be able to preach it?


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