Google To Index Facebook Comments As Search Results

Google- one of the most popular and powerful search engines would very soon use the comments from Facebook as its traditional search results. This would however not affect the privacy of the comments (private user comments) used by various Facebook users worldwide. The comments made on Facebook forms on various public pages and websites which lie within the social networking site would be definitely open for everyone to see on Google. This change has however led to various controversies. But it has been put forth by Google as the company is looking to expand its reach to different user contents so that various comments used on Facebook could always be available on the wonderful search engine – Google.


Facebook users and privacy protection by Google

The controversial change has not been welcomed by Facebook users worldwide as they think it would intervene with their privacy and various comments used only on Facebook while socializing with friends, family and other people around. But, Google is confident ensuring protection in this regard and definitely avoid performing something that would lead to any unwanted user action. However, the developers of such new tactics suspect that such change would disturb the confidence of various Facebook users worldwide. Such users would not now feel comfortable while leaving comments on various websites which would reveal them to Google at some stage or the other. Not only this, the change offered by the Google would also reveal the user comments on various websites to the entire web community, which is really difficult to be accepted by users worldwide.
This is only one part of the story actually. There are various people and users who have already welcomed such a change. One can really go for a second thought as the famous chat site Bing scrutinizes every comment as does the Facebook and Google. Moreover, there would be a proper IP address through which such a change would take place. Therefore, there is nothing more to worry about. Also, this should be taken into consideration that such a change is not going to affect the private use of Facebook and all the private user comments anyways.
The Facebook comments are displayed in various formats which include HTML5 and Xtended Facebook Markup Language (XFBML). However, the search engine Google uses such comments which are embedded in the iframe format. But, such particular functions are not used for Facebook comments. Various tests have already been performed in this context and this resulted into the fact that such searches actually show up for various online articles rather.
Facebook comments and blogs
Well, while Google can ensure and read the indexed comment from Facebook, each time a new comment gets posted Google lists this comment as a fresh content modification which would prompt the user to maintain the pages in its index. Further, once the words used in the comment correspond to any of the keywords, the blog post would definitely be optimized from the original. The keyword density on the page would be increased greatly without any extra effort.

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