GIST Yes, that Skales of yesterday is worth over N200million now


2014 Remember Skales? The artiste who got booted off EME and left to wander in the swamp of irrelevance? Yes, that Skales is reportedly worth about N200Million naira now.

The Rapper cum Singer seems to have finally gotten a bit more push towards that Grammy he has since been heading for.

Skales whose real names are Raoul Njeng-Njeng got snatched up recently by Baseline Music in a mouth-watering deal that’s estimated to cost about N200million.

The deal includes a house, a new car, cash advance, videos and promotion of his album that will drop in November.

The label which is fronted by industry heavyweight, Howie T promises to change Skales’ lifestyle.

“I cannot give you any specific figure because we don’t want other artistes to start running to us, however what I can tell you is that the deal is worth hundreds of millions. It includes his new car, new house and total lifestyle package. We are changing his whole lifestyle,” Howie T confirmed to the NET.

He further added,

“Skales will be at the NEA awards in New York at the end of the month, after that he’s going to London for a concert, and then to Canada on a tour, [then] he’ll drop his album in November. So you see it’s a total package, we don’t want to create any form of distraction by revealing any figures, but trust me it’s a huge deal, it’s about the biggest deal in the industry at the moment.”

Baseline is reportedly owned by one of Kessington Adebutu’s sons. It’s ran by Howie T and Dipo Abdul of KISS Group.


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