Girlfriend Who Dumped Harrsong ‘Crawls’ Back


It is no news that some girls like ready made guys while some others are ready to grow with the guy than being ready made. Music artiste and song writer, Harrysong has opened up on how being famous has attracted women in his past especially his ex-girlfriend who dumped him before he became famous.

According to him, he begged the girl to be patient and wait for him but she was in a hurry to get married; she called him recently and was asking for a date with him.

“oh yes, I remember when I came to Lagos, I was in a relationship back in Warri, and at that time she gave me the option of coming back to Warri to get married to her because she wasn’t comfortable with the distance or I should face my career and forget about her. ‘So I thought about it, and I begged her to be patient because I had no money, but she said she couldn’t wait because she has other interested guys on her case and her parents wanted her to get married quickly too. So I wished her luck and kept on hustling with my career in Lagos. ‘Just yesterday, the same girl called me asking for a date, apparently she’s still not married’ he said

If you were in his shoes would you accept to go on a date with her?


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