Get His Attention: Moses Ebite Says Simplicity in Style Is The Way To A Man’s Heart on Fashion Fix


Dressing to attract the attention of someone special may be tricky especially when you don’t know much about each other. You can’t tell if he loves athletic, S3xy, tall or short women. All you’re sure of is he’s fine as hell and you want him for yourself.

Certain questions start to come up when you remember you’re going to see him in the day. Should I show some cleavage? Or should I cover up? Will he love me in fitted pants or in a skimpy skirt.

to the rescue!

On Episode 11 of Accelerate TV’s , Stylist and CEO of Moashy Styling, Moses teaches simplicity is the only principle men adore in fashion. He also shares sample looks with the host, Mercy Ajisafe.





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