Flaunt Some Part Of Your Body Is Female Artist Selling Point – Emma Nyra

emma nyra

Multi-talented Nigerian singer, Emma Nyara is well known for her lovely voice, unique style of singing and as well very daring in wearing cleavage revealing dresses in videos and at events.

While defending her reasons for flaunting what her mama gave her, the curvy music star said, “It’s not that I flaunt them but part of your selling point as a female artist is your body, your voice, your look, your hair, everything.

Chidinma’s lack of hair is her selling point, you understand. Each part of you is your selling point,” she said.

When further asked why she finds it interesting to show it off even when they are not sizable, she added: “Its confidence, you understand. Somebody like Toolz for example, her selling point is her body. Before her voice, it’s her body. As a woman, her own packaging is always different. I have grown up to be comfortable with the way the skin is because, I have accepted the fact that I can’t change it. I have to accept the way I am. Men don’t look at me, the women look at women. If I go out with or without makeup, a man will not notice. But if I go out and I see a woman, she will say Emma Nyra, you are looking different from how I see you on TV. She would comment on everything to my eyebrow but a man won’t look that deep unless he is into fashion and everything. I have learnt to accept myself. If you are not confident about yourself, people won’t buy your brand” she added.

When asked what her standing was as regards bleaching the skin, Emma explained thus;

“I grew up with white people and I noticed that white people tan. They wanted to look like me whereas I wanted to look like them while growing up because I wanted to belong.

This bleaching thing, Indians do it too, even Americans do it. It’s been so bad lately because the society’s perception of beauty has to do with it.

The lighter the better, whereas, in Europe, the darker the better. Dark hair, dark skin, it’s a kind of class. That’s how they do their own class system.

Our own is just, we have grown up watching aunties bleach. When I first came to Nigeria, I went to a store and I couldn’t find a regular cream, all I saw was whitening. I went to Dubai, the same thing.

Indians and Arabs, they bleach. I am more concerned with clear skin, not light or dark or whatever because I grew up seeing girls wanting to be dark. So it didn’t affect me that way.

I don’t support bleaching; I don’t think its right. Some people wear padded bra, some wear padded bum. As a woman, you can choose whatever you want. You can change your nose, your breast, anything. But as for bleaching, because of the long term effect, I don’t think it’s good for you, she expressed.

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