Five Things You Missed at AY Live Abuja

2. Phyno

  1. Elenu & AY Parodies President Buhari & Bola Tinubu

“I belong to everybody. I belong to nobody.” These words have become something of a social media sensation since President Muhammadu Buhari uttered them during his inauguration speech on May 29. The Internet has been alight with spoofs, parodies and memes surrounding this statement and AY just had to get in on it. Following the success of his “Jega” parody skit from AY Live Lagos, which went viral, he again donned an alternate personality onstage, this time that of Bola Tinubu. Just like the last time, Ushbebe and Elenu were the perfect comedic foils alongside him as the audience screamed and wailed in laughter. We can’t wait to see the video of this one.


  1. Phyno Makes Abuja Crowd Forget Themselves

This is Abuja. A steel-and-concrete city of wide roads, fast cars, stern faced civil servants and government contractors in bulletproof SUVs with tinted windows; the heart and soul of the artificial new African city where nobody has time for any of that soppy human stuff.  Or is it?

Enter Phyno with his spiky hair and his humorously irreverent, multi-layered Igbo rap rhymes. Would an audience filled with suit-wearing executives and their purse-lipped wives connect with this guy? As it turned out, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” Purses and bags were flung onto seats, and neckties were ripped off as the spiky-haired guy onstage began:

“Ha Men kpasa na ogbe/

Juo ese iga afu naha bu alobam, straight up/

Men mu anya , ahu adiro hu kwa akam/

Iga afu naha bu alobam, straight up”

For the next few minutes, the Transcorp hotel was treated to the gloriously bizarre sight of thousands of Abuja’s finest in their Sunday’s best grooving and shaking to the sound of “Oringo” and “Yayo”. Awesome stuff.


  1. Maltina Gives Away 5 iPhone6

Just like in Lagos, event sponsors Maltina decided to go overboard with that “Sharing Happiness” stuff by giving away an iPhone6 to 5 lucky audience members. It wasn’t so much “sharing happiness” as “sharing joyful pandemonium” as five people from the audience who had a ticket with an inscription matching the quote read out onstage were rewarded with the device. Not even the Abuja poker face is a match for a free iPhone6 apparently. Who knew?


  1. Star Radler Makes A Grand Entrance

Was STAR the mastermind behind the unusual jolliness of everyone present who seemed to have forgotten the Abuja stereotypes they were supposed to adhere to? A cute new drink called Star Radler was at the centre of the evening as the guests just could not have enough of it. With a distinct citrus zing and an alcohol content of just 2%, this was the perfect accompaniment to an evening of premium comedy and music with friends and family. Something tells us this delightful little drink will become very popular indeed.


  1. M.I Closes The Night

Superstar rapper MI who closed the evening put on a great show as he took the crowd on a journey from ‘MI2’ to The Chairman’. Akpororo jumped onstage to perform musical harmonies alongside M.I to the amusement of the crowd.


See pictures below:
3. AY and one of the winners of the Maltina Iphone 6 giveaway

4. Lady Drinking Star Radler

4. Lady Drinking StarRadler

4. Star Radler

5. MI

1. AY and Elenu performing as Bola Ahmed Tinubu and President Buhari, respectively

1. AY, Elenu and Ushbebe performing as Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President Buhari and Ben Murray Bruce, respectively

2. Phyno


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