Fans Advise Sina Rambo to Quit Music



Wherever you find Davido there also you’ll find him and that’s because they are cousins. Sina Rambo is the fair-skinned complexion guy who likes to be surrounded by beautiful girls.
Then he was signed unto Davido’s HKN record label where he dropped his debut video, Ijo Sina featuring Davido.
But earlier in the year, news filtered in that he had a big fight with Davido because the O.B.O dude wasn’t doing enough to promote his career. Although Sina denied the report, Davido confirmed the gist that his cousin had actually left HKN.
Then he released Mujo, E No Reach, Sisi Eko and others.
But Nigerians seems not to be down with Sina’s songs as he’s been advised to quit music.
This DT gathered during a question and answer posed by James Ndubisi on Twitter where he asked Nigerians to mention artistes they think should quit music.
Sina Rambo was first featured on label mate, Daivdo’s single; “Overseas”, on the OBO Genesis album


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