Family Of Nurse Killed By Ebola Faces Public Humiliation And Stigma


Oyinye Lovelyn Anugwolu, the elder sister of late Justina, who works for Women NGO in Enugu, says her husband, sisters, parents are facing an unbearable stigma and public humiliation.

She told Saharareporters that people now treat family members as if they are all carriers of Ebola. Her husband she says has been sent on compulsory leave from work out of fear that he is might have contracted the deadly Ebola disease.

“I haven’t seen her since October last year,” Mrs. Anugwolu says, “We are not in contact.”

Mrs. Anugwolu revealed that her sister did not spend her last days in Enugu but in Lagos where she died and was buried without the family. She also complained that her sister’s last days were gruesome.  According to Mrs. Anugwolu, the government neglected her and other victims of Ebola. She told Saharareporters that her sister was denied water the day before she died because healthcare workers were not willing to go in and serve her and others suffering in the quarantine center at Yaba area of Lagos.

“Wherever my sister is, her soul will be at peace for bringing her plight to illuminate and force the government to act against Ebola, ” she says.


culled: Saharareporters


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