Explore Healthcare Investments with Alta Semper

Explore Healthcare Investments with Alta Semper

The dramatic changes in the African health sector have opened up unprecedented opportunities for private equity firms. It also applies to commercial and healthcare companies whose shares are listed on stock exchange lists. 

Talking about big opportunities, the private company Alta Semper specializes in flexible capital investments in healthcare and consumer opportunities in the growing African markets. In this article, we will explore the approach of Alta Semper, an expert investment company in African healthcare trading, and its story of success with HealthPlus Limited.

What Does Alta Semper Do?

Alta Semper, founded by Ronald Lauder, specializes in private capital management. It adopts a unique approach to asset management with long-standing expertise. Moreover, this approach is supported by an expansive shareholder base that attracts experienced and reliable partners. It is focused on twelve large and politically stable economies and regions.


Investing in Growth Markets

The company completed transactions with three major organizations that affect various health sectors in Africa. These include Macro Group, the leading Egyptian pharmaceutical company in the production of pharmaceutical cosmetics and generic pharmaceuticals. It supports investments in HealthPlus, Nigeria’s leading retail pharmacy network, and ODM, Morocco’s leading platform in oncology, radiology, and diagnostics. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of Alta Semper’s approach criteria:

  • Developing flexible investment strategies based on in-depth knowledge of each African region;
  • Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by rapid socio-economic development in Africa. Rapid growth has affected the health sector and empowered consumers;
  • Focusing on a long-term approach instead of relying on quick profit to use the funds only in one’s interests.

Alta Semper’s Investments in HealthPlus Nigeria

One of Alta Semper’s major investments is HealthPlusNigeria, a pharmacy platform that is a leading pharmacy chain competitor in Nigeria. Currently, it is the fastest-growing network in West Africa. Moreover, the company employs more than 150 pharmacists, which is an undeniable advantage in this sphere.

Alta Semper Capital, the leading private equity company in the health and consumer sectors, is managed by Chidi Okoro, the HealthPlus shareholder. The company announced its continued commitment and willingness to inject new capital to accelerate growth and seize new opportunities for global health.

The biggest West African pharmaceutical network, HealthPlus, has appointed Chidi Okoro as Chief Transformation Officer. He is an Alta Semper agent with a great reputation in Lagos Business School, where he teaches strategy. He has scored many awards, as well as the Pearl Quoted CEO of 2013 award and GSK, Turn Around Manager award. Chidi Okoro’s mission in HealthPlus is to boost day-to-day management and bring business to a new scale and profitability.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the wide range of products and a number of branches allowed the company to take the lead in strategic expansion and supply chain innovation. Ernest Eguasa, who has been working for the company for over two years, is the CFO at HealthPlus. He focuses on creating a highly productive strategy by following Alta Semper’s philosophy. It is a complex process that requires a lot of effort on the part of the finance director.

Big Ambitions of Alta Semper

Alta Semper partners with pharmacy chains and other healthcare businesses to raise the much-needed capital to boost the country’s economy and develop these industries further. Large investors put the company’s ideas into practice and push the market to open up more opportunities. We hope this article has helped you understand what Alta Semper specializes in. Now you know which kind of investors the company attracts as well as its plans to expand the area of cooperation. Do you have any questions on the topic to discuss? You are welcome to leave your comments below.

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