He’s been off the scene for sometime after the split from his erstwhile label, SQN Music, not on the low key though as the Gaga Crazy crooner, Chuddy K told Reginald Chukwu in this exclusive interview. He bore his mind on what has kept him away from the music scene, his split from his ex-label and his plans to take over the music scene once again.. Enjoy

You seem to have been off the scene for sometime now, what has kept you away from the public glare:

I’ve been so busy attending to shows in and outside the shores of the country. Recently I had shows in Kano, Kaduna and Abuja.

We know of your case with your former label, SQN, even at the fact you said you have left them, the label boss still claim that nobody does anything on music with you without their consent and that they are still entitled to royalties from your shows and other stuffs, can you tell us how true that is:

Like I told you before, I’ve got shows in different states and countries, he’s only scaring people, don’t listen to empty threats.

What’s the latest development on your case with the label:

I don’t have a case with anybody.

Are you saying the case has been squashed and no more legal battles:

There was never any legal battle because he didn’t even act according to law and order. He was just busy trying to tarnish my enemies image not mine. I was never in court with anybody. I did all I did legally and he does not have anything against me. We did business that was favourable to his pocket so I got tired and called it quit. With my lawyers draft to him which he received and signed, if he was sensible, he would have called for talks but he felt he was too smart. My brother, I’m doing good without greedy people around me.

It was learnt you floated your own record label:

Yes, Kent Records is the name.

Can we know why the choice name Kent and what it stands for and how many artistes you’ve got signed to it. What are the plans for them to hit the big screen:

Its my name and yeah I got great ambitions towards young acts out there and I want to be a roll model to other upcoming labels on how to breed talents without exploiting them. So many at times labels are responsible for the disappearance of great acts because of greed.

In other words, are you justifying artistes who depart their record labels to form their’s, not minding if they’ve got the wherewithal and the pool of knowledge to do so like the record labels do:

Artiste who set up their own labels have their careers in their own hands and not in the hands of any CEO who doesn’t understand your struggle, where you are coming from and where you are going to. Look at the recent wave of successful artistes in the industry, it is usually family or self owned, examples are Square Records, Hypertek, Y.B.N.L, the list is quite long am sure you would agree. So I am responsible for my career and surrounding myself with the right team who share the same dreams I believe the industry should get ready for Chuddy K.

Some pundits have referred to chuddy as a flash in the pan, following the disappearance into thin air after the monster hit, gaga crazy, what are we expecting from you now that you are on your own.

The industry should watch out for me as I have got a new song titled Rambo which is already online. I’m starting up with the promo soon.

We’ve not seen you brand any top notch product as almost every Nigerian artistes have done, do you consider favoritism in the act of selecting the artistes or merit:

I will get some very soon.

Is Chuddy K living that life of a true celebrity now or yet to:

I’m trying my best to and things are taking shape, if I say yes it means I don’t have to work again then I would be saying I’m too rich.

Thank you for your time.

You are welcome bro.

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