Everything You Need to Know About Touchfire Ultra-Protective Case, 3-D Keyboard & Magnetic Mount for iPad

While physical keyboards on phones are a thing of the past, some people still prefer seeing and feeling the keyboards they type on to the on-screen keyboard found on almost all the Smartphones and tablets today.

Apple’s iPads doesn’t come with physical keyboards but that doesn’t mean some people wouldn’t like to see and use one on their iPads. That’s where touchfire comes in.

Touchfire is the “thinnest, lightest keyboard” that isn’t a keyboard.

While you will call it a keyboard, Touchfire is a cover that sits over the iPad’s on-screen keyboard, forming both a physical keyboard you can type on and an iPad cover that will protect the iPad incase of a fall.

Touchfire key Features

Touchfire Provides markers for the “F” and “J” home keys

It’s Only 1/10th of an inch thick.

It Works with any 9.7″ iPad including the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. Touchfire Doesnt work with the iPad Mini.

Touchfire is made of transparent silicon and is around 1/10th of an inch thick which means it’s very thin and slender.

The keyboard forming casing uses magnets to fit and stay in place which makes it very easy to install on your iPad screen.

The magnets on Touchfire adds a bonus functionality and allow you to store it inside your Smart Cover.

These makes Touchfire convenient for people who not only want a wireless keyboard but also stretchs out to accommodate people who are so turned off by the idea of carrying around an extra gadget in addition to the one they already have.

Generally, touchfire provides the ability to touch type without looking in your iPad screen, stores easily within the Smart Cover, takes only around 4 seconds to set up and use and when you need the entire screen of your iPad, touchfire won’t deny you that as it can be attached to the bottom edge of the iPad giving your eyes access to the entire screen real estate.

So how well does it work?

So far, we’ve been talking about the good side of touchfire, everything has its bad side right, and here is places touchfire fall short.

Touchfire is not for everybody, which means, it’s not for those who are new to typing on tablets or those who still need to stare at keys while typing out passages with their index fingers.

You will enjoy it more if you are that person who is tired of constantly shifting their vision back to the on-screen keyboard to make sure their fingers are lined up properly.

TouchfireIt won’t magically make typing on a touchscreen easier, so if you are new to tablets and are still getting used to the cramped keyboard, you’ll feel just as awkward typing on the Touchfire. But, never mind, the learning curve is quite shallow.

While you can drag and swipe through the keyboard, this feature doesn’t quite work out in practice. It works fine with a short swipe, but when you need to drag your finger completely across one of the keys, the keyboard had a tendency to get in the way.

Like I mentioned earlier, touchfire is easy to store within your Smart Cover; once the magnets are installed, it is simply a matter of closing your Smart Cover as you would do anytime you stopped using the iPad. The downside here is that when you finally reopen the Smart Cover, the Touchfire will be stuck to the cover rather than your iPad.

Should you buy the Touchfire?

It is quite an impressive product with some mind blowing features. So, anyone that wants to touch type without the hassle of a Bluetooth keyboard will fully enjoy this product, and the easy storage is an added bonus.

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