Emir of Kano,Sanusi Gets Back His Seized Passports From SSS

Emir of Kano

The Nigerian Security Service has finally returned to Sanusi his valid documents.

Yesterday, November 8th, the SSS gave back the Emir of Kano his international passports (diplomatic & standard) which they had seized a couple of months ago.

The document was seized when he was removed from the head of Central bank position and having conflict with the president.

His diplomatic passport was seized in Lagos airport as he flew in from Niger Republic, His standard passport was seized at Kano Airport as he attempted to fly to France.

The passport was given back to him yesterday at his Palace just a few days after re-conciliating with president Jonathan.

Emir of Kano during the tail end of his tenure as head of the Central Bank had a horrid relationship with the President.

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