Elections: Watch Your Utterances, Catholic Bishop Cautions Clerics


Elections: Watch Your Utterances, Catholic Bishop Cautions Clerics

Most Rev. Gabriel Abegunrin, the Catholic Archbishop of Ibadan, has issued some advise to clerics.

He advised clerics to be cautious of their utterances on the general elections in the interest of Nigeria’s peace and unity.

Abegunrin gave the advice in a statement on Thursday in Ibadan, appealing to clerics to continue to pray for the country, instead.

“I am grateful to Oyo indigenes for being peaceful during the elections. I pray that the remaining elections will also be peaceful.

“We must avoid anything that can destroy the society – jealousy, bitterness, selfishness and other vices that weaken us.

“To be close to God and one another is to love and embrace one another’s ideas.

“Let’s jettison the phenomenon of the winner-takes-it- all but represent the interest of the entire population,” he said.

Abegunrin urged those who won in the elections and those who would win in the remaining elections to dedicate themselves to the service of the country.

“We are confident that, with God on our side, the newly-elected leaders will follow God’s will.

“Christians and Muslims should let their holiness transcend the doors of the church, especially, and mosques, to the homes, offices, schools and political arena.

“I pray that in all our activities, God will use us to make Nigeria peaceful, progressive and holy.

“Nothing is impossible with God, He only needs our cooperation,” Abegunrin said.


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