‘Election Gifts Can Be Termed As Bribery and Corruption’– Omotola Jalade


Sharing of gifts items at Election campaign is no longer news but now becoming a tradition to buy the hearts of citizens.

Is this to say the hearts of the citizens can be bought with just a gift? Where is our stand as citizens of Nigeria? This is not condemning any electoral campaign whatsoever, but trying to win the heart of a citizen with a bag of rice like the picture above. Or how best can we describe this?

Recently, people lined up to receive their bags of rice at different electoral campaigns of different parties’ .Some who received the rice from both parties seem very happy and flaunted it everywhere. While some others still criticized that the rice PDP gave out was better than APC rice. Funny though.

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde didn’t find this funny as she describes such act of distributing things at election campaigns, bribery and corruption.

Here is what she wrote on her twitter handle on seeing the way rice where been distributed to people. “Isn’t sharing of things during elections by political parties, bribery and corruption/manipulation? Why is this not a crime under the law?” she wrote.

omotola 1


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