Eedris Abdulkareem dedicates new album, G2G to Pres. Jonathan


Controversial rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem will be dedicating his next album titled G2G or G to G to President Jonathan.

The veteran musical artiste disclosed this during an interview with Channels TV’s Sunrise, yesterday Aug. 16.

He said the album will be mostly about asking Nigerians to stop the attack on Jonathan and leave him to rule.

According to him, PGEJ is one of the best President that has ever presided over the affairs of Nigeria

“Since I was born a Nigerian growing up, I have always known that propaganda is the issue and they just share the money up and down. This Lagos-Ibadan expressway has been there for fifteen years by the former Minister of Works, Baba Tony Anenih and they didn’t do anything .Goodluck is doing that road. That is the Federal government road, He is working on it. Our airport has been reformed. Thirdly our agricultural sector, farmers don’t get their fertilizer directly but today they get their fertilizer, fertilizer is now a big business. So it is important we say all these things because most people don’t know. We all know that the insecurity is propaganda. ” he said.

The rapper however noted that his support for President Jonathan is not because he expects something in return from him.

“I was was the first person that came out in the rally when Pres. Goodluck Jonathan increased the fuel price at Ojota.

“I have never seen Goodluck before but what I know is going on with that guy is a big propaganda and they should leave him alone let him work. When I sang jagajaga, did anybody pay me? If opposition paid me, by now I go don get plenty billions. So its simple, the facts must be told. When I sang Nigeria jagajaga, it was 12 years ago and this is 12 years later, so why is everybody blaming the poor guy? because he is from Niger Delta or because the presidency has left the north?” he said.


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