Ebola : Ghana did not ban flights from Nigeria


The Ghanaian government has not banned flights from Nigeria according to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. The NCAA clarified the true position of things following erroneous reports on several media outlets indicating that flights from Nigeria to Ghana had been banned to contain the virus.

ThisDay reports:

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has denied that Ghana has banned flights from Nigeria over Ebola virus that is ravaging some countries in West Africa.

The General Manager, Public Affairs of the organisation, Fan Ndubuoke told THISDAY last night that the regulatory authority did not receive any circular from the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) or any government agency about any ban.

Also the Deputy Managing Director and Head of Flight Operations of Arik Air, Captain Ado Sanusi told THISDAY last night that Arik Air has been operating into and out of Ghana, adding that the airline’s flight operated yesterday evening to Accra, Ghanaian capital and another flight was scheduled today from Lagos to the neighbouring country.

Last week government of The Gambia announced a ban on all flights emanating from West African destinations as a step towards preventing Ebola disease from being brought into the country.

Patrick Sawyer, 40, the only person who died of the disease in Nigeria was an American who flew from Monrovia in Liberia to Ghana, where he spent 45 minutes and from there to Lome and from Lome to Lagos, Nigeria where he collapsed and was taken to hospital where he died.
The late Sawyer was flown into Nigeria by Asky Airline that operates to 22 destinations in West and Central Africa.

Since the death of Sawyer, Nigeria has not recorded any death from the disease.
The country has put up measures at the airports to ensure that passengers expressing any ailment are thoroughly checked before being allowed to come into the country.

Nigeria and Ghana have strong economic and political relationship which a ban in flights and other movements between the two countries will hurt severely.


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