“Doctors Told Me My Bones Were 20 Years Older Than My Age“ – Tim Godfrey


“Doctors Told Me My Bones Were 20 Years Older Than My Age“ – Tim Godfrey


Nigerian gospel singer, Tim Godfrey, said scientists told him that his bones were 20 years older than his age and his spinal cord had shifted.

Godfrey revealed this on Wednesday via his verified Instagram page while narrating his battle with an illness which almost left him paralyzed.

The singer noted that the illness all started with back pain.

“This picture right here was when I was admitted to the hospital. It started with me feeling some pain in my back, then a hellish pain in my arms.

“I went for an MRI and the scientists told me that my bones were 20 years older than my age—over 60 years old when I’m in my 40s. They also told me that my spinal cord disc had shifted and all these other complicated things all happening to me at the same time.

“I was always in pain. Sometimes I would hold my hand to my face and cry so badly. They told me that I had overstretched my body and a lot of other evil reports.”

However, Godfrey confirmed that God has turned the situation into a testimony.

He added: “But as the song says when there is a chance for evil, God turns it for good.

“I went home after some treatments and intensive prayers believing that I am healed and it is so.

“Right now I’m really grateful to God for the gift of healing. I imagine the plan of the enemy was that I’ll be paralyzed but God turned it around.

“To you reading this, God is turning that situation around for your good. No matter the report of the enemy concerning your life, the report of the lord says – he’s turning everything in your Favour!



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