DJ Zeez Rebrands, Now Called ‘Zeez’



‘Ofoka Sibe’ crooner, DJ Zeez has now re-branded.

For some time now, the Imo State-born singer has been on the low-key compared to his ‘Ori e Ofoka Sibe’ days when he ruled the industry.

Few attempts by him to regain the top spot in the music industry once again like those days have been met by brick walls. The likes of Davido, Wizkid, Olamide and others may have also contributed to his comeback due to the mad rush for these young artistes.

However, DJ Zeez seems to be bent on coming back to the top to take his ‘rightful’ place in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

Right now, he now wishes to be referred to as Zeez and not the name ‘DJ Zeez’ he used to be known with.

Will his new name be the needed ‘charm’ to shoot him into the A-list category? Time will surely tell.


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