“I Discovered Patoranking + Timaya Is An Ingrate” –K-Solo


I know the headline has you in shock just like it did me when i first came across this report.

K-Solo in a recent interview with Punch revealed why he is upset with Timaya and vows never to produce for him again. He described Timaya as an ingrate even after he has produced 3 successful albums for him.

He says: – ‘Davido the other day bought a house for his producer who recorded his first single that made him a star, even though they hardly work together again, he still did that. What did Timaya do? He also spoke about his widely reported marriage drama and why he had to stay out of the news for a good whole year.’

Read Complete Interview below: –

Are you having any issue with Timaya?
Not really. I learnt Timaya is upset about a young artiste called Patoranking. His songs are actually topping charts at the moment. He featured Timaya in one of his songs. I leant Timaya said he signed the boy on his label. I know it is a lie. Timaya doesn’t like paper work. I know that about him. The boy was picked up by another record label and I learnt Timaya is upset about it and saying nonsense about the boy. Why didn’t he sign the boy? He just shot a video for the boy and the new label, as I learnt, is even ready to pay him what he spent but I learnt he refused the money.

But what is your business in all of this?
I was the one that discovered the boy at Ebutte Meta. Till now, the boy has an album in my studio. I had released one or two songs for him and I was about to release more when I had the crisis with my ex. Timaya came to my studio and saw the boy. I don’t know how it happened but they left my studio. I didn’t even mind because when I had that issue, I had to let go of everybody around me. So immediately, Timaya did a song with him and shot the video without any form of agreement. Now, he is saying the boy is an ingrate.

I still don’t understand why you are saying this…
Whatever you are doing and you feel it is gone; it will be waiting for you. No sinner will go unpunished. When I was his producer, I produced his first three successful albums that made him what he is today. He never came back to show gratitude; instead he is always fighting me. If I talked to him to tell him the right thing to do, he felt I had no right to tell him such because he felt he is a star. When I wanted to get married, he was among the people who mocked me. Now, he has a ‘baby mama.’ In life, when we don’t know the kind of death we would have, we shouldn’t laugh at people because we don’t know how our case would be.

You sound as if you are angry with him…
It is not as if I want to bring him down but I want you to know that nothing lasts forever. It is what you do in life that keeps you going eventually. I was on top of my game before I had the crisis. We should not bite the finger that fed us. God has made me big. I don’t need his money. I can talk about him because I am very comfortable. I don’t pay rent but where he lives today is still a rented apartment even with all his money.

It is obvious, with the way you sound, that Timaya is no longer your friend…?
We are not friends on the job. But if I see him on the road, I can say hi to him. If he decides to respond, it is fine but if he doesn’t, it is also fine. Davido bought a house for his producer the other day. It is not as if Davido is working fully with the producer anymore but he never forgot that the producer made his first hit.

So you want a house from Timaya?
I don’t want anything from him, it is already late.

What if he asks you to be his producer again?
No way! I will never be his producer ever again! I can only give him advice.


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