Did Wizkid and Banky W Get off at Each Other on Twitter?

Did Wizkid and Banky W Get off at Each Other on Twitter?
The former pair allegedly tweeted at each other then deleted it
Banky W’s love concert held at the Civic center and despite their alleged split (resulting from his absence on Banky’s album, setting up his own record label, indirect tweets, and stories by entertainment insiders), Wizkid showed up with his girlfriend but had no participation in the concert, he was just like a regular guest. With no interaction from previous label mates, Wizkid and his girlfriend walked out of the event.

Earlier, screen gabbed messages supposed from Banky W and Wizkid was reported by bloggers where they lash at each other. In one of the tweets from the screen grabbed tweet which is said to have been deleted shortly after, it read:

From @BankyW: Am not gonna pretend like your absence from the team would not be felt, you will be replaced by a better artiste

Never knew you were such an ingrate, I made you who are today and that fact is something you can never deny, wish you all the best.

@Wizkidayo: I can never be replaced, you mistook my loyalty for dtupidity do fon’t get mad that i’ve decided to move on with my life

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  1. Do you think its true. And, why is Banky saying he made the young man. No no no…. If the dude’s got no talent, he wouldn’t be who he’s. Why not make Skales the new artiste. They couldn’t shit! I’m sorry Banky, deal with it!

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