Despite The Circumstances, I Still Hold Kcee Dear to My Heart — Singer, Presh


If one ever ones to understand what true friendship is then they need to approach the likes of singer Kcee and Presh.

Though they have been rumoured not to be in talking terms since their split some years back, but the duo have tried to prove everyone wrong in various interviews that they are cool with each other.

Presh who recently turned a year old got a birthday prayer from his former singing partner, Kcee and out of the joy in his heart decided to acknowledge that he accepted the love shown to him by the singer.

Presh took to his social media to reply though things might have not worked out well between them but he holds Kcee dear to his heart.

“To a brother like no other, time and circumstances may change but your place in my heart will never be erased. Thanks for the wonderful birthday message, may God grant all the desires of your heart.”

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