Deadly Signs You May Be Getting Into The Wrong Marriage

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There are signs that shows you are getting into the wrong marriage. Many people see these signs but overlook them in the name of love, “he or she will change”, marriage will settle it or whatever. These signs came to many divorced couples in their relationships before they even got married.

“Their should be no mercy” on nonsense before marriage. What do i mean? you need to trash out all your inconveniences with your partner before marriage. Their should be nothing like managing confusion when your fiance or fiancee is close to someone of the opposite sex and says “we are just friends”, or you see your fiance or fiancee with a group of bad friends, and he or she does not want to give them up. Make sure you are very okay with your partner before you marry. Dont assume anything, verify till you have peace of mind. Marriage is destiny, not dating…

I will like to tell you some signs that shows you are getting into the wrong marriage…

: My brothers and my sisters, whenever you enter a dating relationship that is just sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet exciting from the beginning, please watch it. I may be talking nonsense to you, but please watch it.. That is how sweet sweet sweet things have “buried” people to 419, false prophets and so on. It is not bad to have an exciting relationship; but if it starts with sweet sweet sweet sweet, their may be a cover up somewhere. Please pause the excitement and ask God to reveal your partners original colour.

(2) INSTABILITY: In the bible (Proverbs 5:6), they described a harlot as someone whose ways are moveable that one cannot know them
. My brothers and sisters, if you wanna marry a guy or a lady, and you hear things like “she is just a friend to me”, “I didnt see your call(after 10 missed calls from morning till afternoon), “call me back call me back call me back call me back”, “I am not around, am in the bank (and you are hearing heavy traffic in the background)”, or you see some persistent unstable moves; then you are in the wrong place..

: Some may say, I am nice, helpful, good, obedient, but can be hot-tempered. My brothers and my sisters, if you are dating someone and upon provocation the person smashes a bottle of glass or breaks an object, be very careful in such relationships. Sometimes, these people could demonstrate such anger and later beg for forgiveness. But my brothers and sisters, if they kill you in the process, “they will still apologize to your corpse”. Whoever has hot-temper should tell God to deal with it before he or she marries.

(4) BEING MADE TO BE NEEDY: My next-level brothers and sisters, if you are praying for your partner and your partner is not praying for you, you are pretty “irrelevant” in the relationship. If you are praying for the relationship to work-out and your partner is relaxed, then you are pretty “irrelevant”. It does not make sense to pray for a wife or a husband, while the wife or the husband you are praying to get does not see you as an answered prayer. Please anywhere you are not honoured, leave that place. You will be “dehydrated” if you go into a relationship where you are managed or made needy.

(5) IGNORING DREAM REVELATIONS: Your partner could be so nice physically, but if you notice that whenever you sleep, you see him or her as an angry beast in your dreams, a deceiver or an evil personality; it is then time for you to go into deep prayers, thoughts and watchfulness. A time when you should watch your partner very well through dreams is when you genuinely love your partner physically without suspicion, but see him or her as evil in your dreams. If you hate or suspect your partner and see him or her as a devil in your dream, such a dream may be false because you already have a negative picture about your partner.

Some ladies saw this sign but still jumped into marriage. They had this restlessness, but still waved it and forcefully silenced their minds and conscience with other reasons like “he is still nice though”, “he is prayerful”, “he is a church leader”, or whatever reason it may be. If you are loosing peace about someone you wanna marry, dont marry yet. You need to intensify prayers, watchfulness and verification.


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