Day 7 #BBNaija : Two False Evictions, Two New Housemates & So Much Drama!


A Bright Morning

After several days of gloomy weather, the Housemates finally woke up to a bright and beautiful morning today. While the hangover was definitely hitting some Housemates harder than others the vibe in the House was light and happy from the get go!

Gifty and Soma shared several, tender embraces this morning. After a few beers, Efe spread the love too and cuddled in bed with Marvis who he’s taken quite a liking to since the party last night.

Bally was the first to take advantage of the fine weather, taking a chair out into the yard and basking in the sun, cocktail in hand. One by one everybody changed into their bikini’s showing off the bodies they’ve been working so hard on since Day 1. Laughter, singing and relaxation so ensued followed as Biggie started blasting nostalgic Nigerian classic while the drinks flowed.



A Moody Afternoon

The nominated Housemates, Bally, Kemen, Marvis, Cocoice and Tboss got their hair cut and styled in anticipation of the eviction. They all seemed quite sullen during their Diary Sessions.

During today’s Diary Sessions, Bally fully held onto the power of positive thinking, saying it had brought him this far. He said so oozing good mood and confidence. Yet with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over his head, he admitted that he’s keeping his fingers crossed as a sign that he was, after all, a good sport.

Biggie asked the smiley Kemen who had he been humming the lyrics “how am I supposed to live without you” for? Choosing to keep this corner of his heart untouched, Kemen paused and offered his brightest smile in response. He then went on to share the insights gained from observing his fellow Housemates: he was concerned that alcohol was Efe’s weak spot and shared his surprise at Head of House Uriel’s smart anticipated game.

The usually composed CoCoIce looked dejected and felt like the Big Brother experience was surreal: she was emotional and said she had chosen to sleep the anger away to keep riding on the nice, fun mood of the House.

An Exciting Evening

From the moment it dawned on #BBNaija Housemates that Evictions were around the corner, tension became palpable in every corner of the House. The Housemates came to pack their belongings ahead of the first Eviction. “This is the moment when people pick a fight cos they’re cranky” pleaded an anxious TBoss as CoCoIce was nervously glancing at her.

Earlier today, all we saw was sunken cheeks, tightened jaws and feverish eyes had imprinted themselves on Housemates bodies. As if to calm her apprehension, CoCoIce burst into the famous song “no woman, no cry” shortly followed by Soma who cheered on that “everything’s gonna be alright”. If only they knew that truly everything was going to be alright, as Ebuka confirmed that no Housemates would be Evicted this week. Instead, two new Housemates would be joining them in the House.

As the Live Show started, Marvis carried her cheerful and humorous self around the House until she was knocked off her feet by her ‘Eviction’. Equally Head of House Uriel’s eyes widened under the shock and she immediately said she felt bad for having picked on Marvis earlier. Miyonse, who had grown fonder of TBoss, dipped in a semi-comatose state, frozen on the sofa as Gifty was peeping and sweating and seemingly lost it all.

In his mock evictions; Biggie had evicted Marvis and Tboss to the dismay and shock of the other Housemates, and there were mixed reactions from the old Housemates with some not able to control the shock and tears.

Ebuka, receiving instructions from Biggie introduced the world to the two new Housemates, Debbie-Rise and Bassey.


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