CUTE!! This Is How You And Your Man Should Be Dressing Up (Photos)

kenyan couple outfits

Such a cute fashionable couple!

Dear single people, let’s take this fashion style very seriously. We all aspire to dress up in matching outfits with our man right? This Kenyan couple are doing it big and we can learn a thing or two from them. Who knows, you might surprise yourself.

Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Matching Outfits From Them:
1. Track Pants And Then Some!

Sarah and her man out here making us look jealous in their matching track pants outfit. Perfect outfit for the both of you when running errands before grabbing a quick lunch.

kenyan couple outfits

Source: Instagram/Sarah

2. Love Is In The Air….

Can you smell it? These two can lol. They are in perfect outfit harmony with their red and black matching outfits. Valentines ready maybe?

3. Event Ready Swag!

Even with an event up their alley, they are camera ready and red carpet ready! Spotted in their yellow matching hoodies and black pants.. they look so good.

As you learn to match outfits with your man, take some notes on how to match with your sister as well.



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