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Crystal Foundation Non-Profit Organization Finally Launches !



Crystal Foundation

Crystal Foundation is an independent, non-profit human rights organization for orphaned and abandoned children in Nigeria. Children who are deprived of the guidance and protection of their primary caregivers are more vulnerable to health risks, violence, exploitation and discrimination and they are often deprived of education.
We strive to guard the fundamental needs of this disadvantaged population by engaging in advocacy, education, problem analysis, and the development of solutions based on sound research that can be applied by countries and NGO’s worldwide.


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It is our mission to serve the best interest of children without parental care worldwide, by reducing the number of children without parental care.

 To provide home for the abandoned orphans and motherless babies
 To provide counselling, motherly care and education for its children.
 To support the children spiritually and morally
 To provide medium through which children of the Home can express
their love towards their neighbour
 To provide counselling and care for mentally and physically displaced
 To build non-paying primary and secondary schools for kids of less
 To work and affiliate with other National and International
Charitable Organizations.

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