I Cried When My Ex Remarried – Popular Nollywood Actress

biodun-okeowo-700x707Biodun Okeowo is a who gave it all up to be with the father of her kids. However, the relationship still ended and left the actress disappointed – According to her, she was moved to tears when her ex remarried and paid the woman’s bride price.

Biodun Okeowo is screen goddess. The mother of two is a beautiful woman who can be likened to an individual that wears that heart on their sleeves. The actress once said, she met her ex husband as a virgin when she shared minute details of her S£xual experience.

According to reports, She was almost depressed when she heard of the father of her , her ex got remarried. The endowed actress said it moved her to tears when she heard he paid the woman’s bride price as he did not bother paying for hers. She explained that although her begged for him to pay her bride price, he refused.

The actress and her ex husband went their separate ways on grounds of infidelity but she debunked the rumours, saying she never cheated on the father of her kids, she is not like that. In the end, goodness prevails as she is happy and back on her feet. Pressing forward with her career having released eight movies of her own

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